Getting Married, The Wedding Veil

The origin of the wedding veil is unclear but it is thought that it predates the wedding dress by centuries.

One explanation is that it is a relic of the days when a groom would throw a blanket over the head of the woman of his choice when he captured her and carted her off. In some cultures the veil is worn to protect the Bride from evil spirits that might be floating around.

Whatever the origin, today the veil is worn as a symbol of purity and joy. Your Father may lift your veil, and present you to your new husband at the altar, or your husband may lift it after the ceremony for the first married kiss. It is considered a sign of the Brides independence if she lifts the veil herself.

Why is the Veil Sheer

There is also a reason why the veil is sheer. It goes back to the biblical story of Jacob who married Leah instead of his beloved Rachel. He was not aware that Laban "switched" brides but the custom of the day dictated that the oldest daughter must be the first to marry. So unbeknown to him Jacob was marrying the wrong bride.

However, since in ancient days a man could marry more than one wife, Jacob also betrothed Rachel his love. This story is one of the reasons for a sheer see through veil. Though her face is covered, the groom will be reassured that he is marrying the bride of his choice

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