Getting Married, Carrying the bride over the threshold

There seems to be two explanations for this tradition where the groom carries his bride over the threshold when entering their home as a married couple for the first time.

The first is to protect the bride from evil spirits


One belief of carrying the bride over the threshold stems from the same belief that aroused the idea of the runway carpet and strewing the aisle with flowers and petals. It was an ancient belief that the newly married couple was very susceptible to evil spirits. A protective layer between the bride and the ground were provided by carrying her, and thus protecting her from evil.

The second explanation relates to Roman times when it was believed that if the bride stumbled when entering the newlywed's home for the first time, it would bring bad luck and harm to their marriage.

Carrying the bride across the threshold was thought to prevent this from happening.

Tradition dictates the new wife must enter her home by the main door and, to avoid bad luck, she must never trip or fall--hence the custom that a bride should be carried over the threshold.

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