Getting Married, Costs

Costs @ From 1st April 1998. For a civil ceremony where you both live in the same registration district, giving notice will cost ?23 from 1st April 1999).

If you live in different districts you will each have to pay ?21 when giving notice. The registrar's attendance fee for solemnizing your marriage at a register office is ?32 from 1st April 1999.

If you are getting married by a superintendent registrar's certificate and license, an additional ?46.50 is payable. Each extract of your marriage entry in the register of marriages (your marriage certificate) will cost ?3.50 (?6.50 if purchased at a later date). Therefore, the minimum you can pay for a civil ceremony (by certificate without license) at a register office, where you both live in the same registration district, is ?58.50 (including a marriage certificate).

If you are getting married at a newly licensed venue (an approved premise), an additional fee is payable for the registrar to attend and solemnize your marriage. This fee is set by your local authority and you should expect to pay between ?100-200 (varies depending upon the day of the week).

The fee payable for a religious marriage is not fixed and is decided by religious celebrant solemnizing your marriage. The fees for getting married in the Church of England or Church in Wales will also depend upon the method used i.e. whether by banns, common license or special licence.

However, you should expect to pay between ?200-300 but this will vary depending upon whether you have bells, organist, choir and heating, which are all extra. There may also be an additional fee if you wish to have your service videoed.

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