When selecting a wedding Photographer, chose a professional, a friend with a good quality camera is not much use if he/she forgets to load a film or keeps the lens cap on.

A Few questions you could ask

  • Can we give you a shot list to work from., Are you the person who will actually take our pictures? If not, can we meet the person who will be., Can we meet any assistants who will also be taking pictures., How many weddings have you, photographed before., How many similar to the size and formality of our wedding., How many other weddings will you also photograph that weekend., What kind of equipment will you bring with you., Do you develop your own film., Can we buy the negatives from you.

After you?ve asked these questions, there are several questions you?ll want to ask yourself:

  • Do I like this person., Do I get along with them., Do I like their work., Is it well lit., Looking at their books, do I feel like I have a good feeling for the wedding.

Don?t forget to call their references. While it may feel awkward to call a stranger, it can be invaluable to have an outside opinion on this person. Remember, your photographs will be one of the most lasting aspects of your wedding.

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