Henry I

Henry Beauclerk (the learned), the third surviving son of William I and Matilda of Flanders, was born in 1068.

On his father's death he received no land but was given instead ?5,000 in silver. His elder brothers, Robert of Normandy and William Rufus, often quarreled about land and titles. Henry was constantly changing sides and both men eventually developed a deep distrust him.

When William Rufus was killed in an hunting accident on 2nd August 1100, most people expected Robert of Normandy to become king. However, Henry decided to take quick action to gain the throne. He rushed to Winchester where the government's money was kept and after gaining control of the treasury, he declared himself king.

Robert of Normandy was furious when he heard what Henry had done and the following year arrived with his army at Portsmouth. Robert could make little headway against Henry, and decided to withdraw.

In 1106 Henry I invaded Normandy and captured Robert at the battle of Tinchebrai. Robert was brought back to England and spent the rest of his life as a prisoner at Devizes, Bristol and Cardiff.

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