Edward I

Edward, the eldest surviving son of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence, was born in 1239. When Edward was fifteen he married Eleanor of Castile. The couple had sixteen children but most of them did not reach adulthood.

At first, Edward supported the barons in their struggle with Henry III. In May 1258 the barons went to see the king. They demanded that in future the king should not make decisions without consulting his barons. Fearing a civil war that he would lose, Henry accepted their demands for reform (the Provisions of Oxford).

Fifteen barons, including Simon de Montfort, were selected to become members of this advisory council. However, it was not long before Henry was ignoring his advisers. When the barons complained, Henry bribed them with gifts.

Montfort refused to change his mind over the need for a permanent council. He had a reputation for being sympathetic to the needs of ordinary people. This helped him gain the support of the majority of people who lived in the large towns and cities. For example, in London the people rebelled against Henry and handed over the city to Montfort.

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