George III

George, son of Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales, and grandson of George II, was born in London in 1738. George was not very intelligent and could not read until he was eleven. However, his tutors praised him for the amount of effort he was willing to put into solving his academic problems. George was only twelve when his father died and his mother's friend, the Earl of Bute, became an important influence on his future development.

In 1760 George succeeded his grandfather, George II, as king. The previous year George had fallen in love with Sarah Lennox, a descendent of Charles II, but the Earl of Bute persuaded him to bring the relationship to and end and instead arranged for him to marry the German princess, Charlotte of Mecklenberg-Strelitz. During their marriage Queen Charlotte gave birth to fifteen children.

A year after becoming king, George III arranged for the Earl of Bute to become prime minister. This decision upset a large number of MPs who considered Bute to be incompetent. North's leading critic in the House of Commons was John Wilkes. In the newspaper that he established, The New Briton, Wilkes accused the king and his ministers of lying. Wilkes became a symbol of free speech and the king was blamed when he was imprisoned for 22 months for libel. Although Bute only stayed in office for a year, he remained an important influence on George's political opinions.

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