Medieval Sword

^item_lan.header^This kind of weapon has been in use from the Bronze Age when the construction of long metal blades was possible for the first time.

Early swords were made of solid bronze or copper, these were hard, but quite brittle. Not until iron could be forged did the sword truly become an important weapon. Soon, smiths learned that with a proper amount of coal.

King Arthur Excalibur, Kusanagi , Roland Durendal , Sword of Damocles El Cid - Tizona, The Polish kings - Szczerbiec

  • Hilt, The hilt of a sword is its handle, consisting of a guard, grip and pommel.
  • Pommel, The pommel is a lump at the top of the guard.
  • Grip, The grip is the handle of the sword.
  • Guard, The guard protects the user's hand from the opponent's sword.

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