Medieval Technology

Imagine yourself back in time, no electricity, no water running from the taps, no TV ! Medieval technology in our minds might be rather primitive compared to the everyday products we use today, but if you lived in those times you would be marvelled by what your neighbour just invented that may have made a task easier, just as we are when some new fangled product comes out.

We have all been told about the "Iron age" and the "Bronze Age" and how they made a castle, this page is more basic and will cover the everyday lives of the medieval people, and what they used to to do the simple tasks that today we take for granted.

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Chemical Technology Overview, Compass ,Grindstones ,Heavy Plough ,Hops ,Iron Working ,Iron and Steel ,Horizontal Loom
Horse Harness ,Horse Shoes ,Magnets ,Mirrors ,Paper ,Rat Traps ,Silk ,Soap ,Spectacles ,Stirrups ,Wheelbarrow
Whippletree ,Windmills ,Wine Press. and more


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