CharcoalCharcoal was made as a fuel to supply the heat for many of the industrial processes Britain. Without charcoal, the work of the glassworker couldn't have happened, the precious metal smith would also have problems with any fuel other than charcoal.

The process is at least a 24 hour task, the Charcoal maker didn't use the primary wood, that is to say the main limbs of the trees that were felled. The branches and secondary limbs of the tree were the main ingredient in the "clamp", leaving the smallest trimmings as the tinder to start the process.

The Charcoal burners life was to a certain extent itinerant, He had to be on hand at all times, not necessarily on his own either, to watch that the clamp did not race and burn rather than roast the wood inside.

Making charcoal is surprisingly easy. But it is not something you want to do in your backyard except in small quantities. Wood is placed in a container and cooked. All the volatile gases are driven off and charcoal remains.

Use, Polishing metals with powdered charcoal, Polishing your teeth with powered charcoal, medicine for a "sour stomach", bad breath, gas meat was packed in it, charcoal could be added to stale water to purify it, wrought iron can be made into blister steel by heating it in a closed container full of charcoal.

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