Henry VI

Henry, the only son of Henry V and Catherine of Valois, was born in 1421. Henry became king of both England and France when he was only nine months old. However, he did not take over the government of these two countries until 1437.

Henry was an intelligent man who took a keen interest in education, being the founder of both King's College, Cambridge (1440) and Eton College (1441). He disliked all forms of bloodshed and frequently pardoned condemned criminals. Henry also showed little interest in military matters and was the first English king not to enter the battlefield.

Lacking leadership, the English gradually lost all their territories in France except for Calais. In 1453 Henry suffered his first bout of mental illness. Richard, Duke of York, was temporarily made protector of the realm. Henry's family, the Lancastrians, did not like this decision. Eventually this disagreement led to armed conflict (the Wars of the Roses) between the Lancastrians and the Yorkists

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