Medieval time

People from the Medieval period did not tell time in the way we do. While we are able to understand past, present and future, and understand that today is different from the past, medieval people never did this, they never had calendars like we have, nobody ever said my son was born on 25th May 1300.

Instead they said things like my son was born in the year that Arthur was crowned king, or born when the castle at Warwick was invaded.

Basically, everyone only had a very rough idea of where they were in time simply because they had no precise means of determining dates as we do. To locate an event in time, past people had to refer to some peculiar circumstance or happening which occurred about the same time.


They could use the seasons, they could use the agricultural cycle, but mostly people used Church time,  the yearly cycle of religious festivals and feast days. We still do this today, it is not uncommon to say, "It happened about New Year day, two years ago".

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