Jack The Ripper

The name 'Jack the Ripper' has become the most infamous in the annals of murder. Yet, the amazing fact is that his identity remains unproven today. In the years 1888-1891 the name was regarded with terror by the residents of London's East End, and was known the world over. So shrouded in myth and mystery is this story that the facts are hard to identify at this remove in time. And it was the officers of Scotland Yard to whom the task of apprehending the fearsome killer was entrusted.

In the months of August and November, 1888, the Whitechapel area of East London played witness to a series of horrific murders, which remain to this day unsolved. The unknown assailant, formerly known as "Leather Apron", later to be called Jack the Ripper, stalked the dimly lit, fog blanketed streets of the East End of London.



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