Edward The Martyr, King of the English

King Edward the Martyr, from Stained Glass at his Shaftesbury Shrine

The story of the relics of St Edward began at the moment of his death (martyrdom). Immediately following the murder, the body of the murdered king slipped from the saddle of his horse and was dragged with one foot in the stirrup until it fell into a stream at the base of the hill upon which Corfe Castle stands.

The stream was found thereafter to have healing properties - particularly for the blind. The queen then ordered that body be hurridly hidden in a hut nearby. Within the hut however, there lived a woman blind from birth whom the queen supported out of charity. During the night, a wonderful light appeared and filled the whole hut and struck with awe, the woman cried out: "Lord, have mercy!" and suddenly received her sight.

At this she discovered the dead body of the king. The church of St. Edward at Corfe Castle now stands on the site of this miracle.


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