Edmund II Ironside, King of the English

King Edmund II

Edmund II, surnamed Ironside, King of the English, was the son of King Ethelred II by his first wife Aelfgifu. When canute invaded England in 1015, Edmund sought to resist him, but, paralyzed by the treachery and desertion of the ealdorman Edric, he could do nothing, and Wessex submitted to the Danish king.

Next year canute and Edric together harried Mercia, while Edmund with infinite difficulty gathered an army. Returning into Northumbria, he in his turn harried the districts which had submitted to the invader, but a march northward by canute brought about the speedy submission of Northumbria and the return of Edmund to London. The death of Ethelred on the 23rd of April 1016 was followed by a double election to the English crown.


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