Apple Of Sodom

The Apple of SodomThe Apple of Sodom, a gigantic tree which grew in the area that was once Sodom & Gamorrah.

Any traveller of the region foolish enough to pick one of the apples would have it turn to smoke and ashes in his hand, a sign of God's eternal displeasure with those who would succumb to physical temptation at the site of His retribution.

The tree resembles the milkweed or silkweed found in the northern part of America. The fruit, resembles externally a large, smooth apple, or orange, hanging in clusters of three or four together, and when ripe is of a yellow colour.

It was now fair and delicious to the eye and soft to the touch; but on being pressed or struck, it explodes with a puff, like a bladder or puff-ball, leaving in the hand only the shreds of the thin rind and a few fibres.

It is indeed filled chiefly with air, which gives it the round form; while in the centre a small slender pod runs through it which contains a small quantity of fine silk, which the Arabs collect and twist into matches for their guns.

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