Beaumaris Castle

[Beaumaris Castle]Edward's moated beauty

This is in a flat area on the southeast coast of the island of Anglesey, near the place where the Romans slaughtered the last great conclave of Druids

Beaumaris, begun in 1295, was the last and largest of the castles to be built by King Edward I in Wales.

Raised on an entirely new site, without earlier buildings to fetter its designer's creative genius, it is possibly the most sophisticated example of medieval military architecture in Britain.

Beaumaris Castle is the great unfinished masterpiece. Started in 1296, it was the last of the massive Edwardian fortresses of the 13th century to be built in North Wales

Money ran out before the fortifications reached their fall height. Beaumaris is nonetheless an awesome sight, regarded by many as the finest of Edward's Welsh castles.

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