Medieval Travel Tour, Horse and carriage

Horses Were Specially Bred to Meet the Requirements of Warfare and Chivalry and the Needs of the Mounted Knight.

Prior to the Middle Ages, horses were mainly utilized in transportation and warfare. Moreover, horses were both expensive to buy, and, compared to oxen and donkeys who were foragers, horses were expensive to keep.

The feudal system of the Middle Ages placed the farmer on his land under control of a lord, in turn the lord, had the means of supplying the farmer with horses for use in the manor's fields. The Middle Ages saw the horse used in farming for the first time in history.

It is estimated that around 1400 the number of vehicles in England remained roughly the same. When Anne of Bohemia married Richard II in 1382, Anne came to England, she brought a carriage with her made in Kocs, Hungary. Kocs was renowned for its excellence in carriage making and it is from this town's name that we derive our word "coach."

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