King Johns Guide to VOB authoring
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A lot of people are making up their own home movie DVD's, these range from previously made VCD's to Windows Media Player files in AVI format. With the increase in internet connection speeds, its now possible to even share your DVD's with other people.

You may have had your wedding authored to a DVD and would like to make a copy of it, or add to it. Some systems cannot hold one large VOB file, some transfer programs will automatically split up the files for you.

This is not a guide about copying commercial DVD's those type of DVD's are protected anyway. So do make sure that the VOB files you are using belong to you, or you have permission from the owner to use.

Ill assume that the VOB files you have are from different sources, which you would like to add to one DVD., so you dont have the original IFO files.

ImgTool 1.00.6


Make a folder in your hard drive called VIDEO_TS this will later be used to construct your DVD image

Make a folder on your hard drive to store all the files, then copy all your VOB's into it image

Now you need to rename each file, and in the order you wish them to play. Each will be a new "Chapter" on the DVD image

It is important to name them "VTS_01_001.vob" to "VTS_01_003.vob"

Load VobEdit.exe image
Click Open, Select the first VOB file, Then Click Open

Now Click Edit > Join Clips image

Now select the VIDEO_TS folder to save the new file image

Click OK on the next screen image

If all is well you should now see the program copy the VOB's to the new location image image image

Now close this program.


Load Ifo Edit,

  1. Click "Create IFOs"

  2. Click the browse button and select the first VOB file

  3. Click "Same As Source"

  4. Now Click OK image

IfoEdit will now construct the new VOB files image image image image

Now set the language

  1. Highlight the top VIDEO_TS

  2. Double Click VTS_1 Audio

  3. Change to English image

Do the same for both if you have AC3 audio

Now click SAVE and overwrite existing files

Now highlight TS_01_1.IFO and do the same image

Click SAVE and overwrite existing file

Next Click the Get VTS Sectors Button, and click Yes image

Close IfoEdit

Take a look in your VIDEO_TS Folder You should now have some extra files .BUP and .IFO image

This is now hopefully a working DVD structure and ready to burn to DVD

Nero ?

Burn to DVD ?
Start up ImgToo Burn image

Select the DVD Root as your VIDEO_TS , click Burn

Load Nero and select the image from your hard drive. image

Done !

Remember this is not a DVD copying guide, where the procedures would be different anyway