Gunpowder Plot, November 5th Guy Fawkes Day

All were found guilty of high treason, Dibgy, Robert Wintour, Bates and Grant were executed on 30 January and the following day, Rookwood, Keyes, Fawkes and Thomas Wintour died.

Catholics suffered due to the Gunpowder Plot as they could not practise Law, serve in the Army or Navy and vote in the Parliamentary elections. In 1829 they were again allowed to vote.

Today in England, each 5 November people burn images of Guy Fawkes and make bonfires to remember the failed attempt to destroy the Parliament.

Some historians agree that the Gunpowder Plot was organized by Robert Cecil who hated the Catholics, the cellar was rented to the conspirators by a close friend of Robert Cecil and the signature on Guy Fawkes’s confession didn’t match his normal signature



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