Aberfan Disaster

You may ask why I have included this on a medieval site, while this sites contents are mostly medieval topics, there are other important historical events included. I have included other historical topics, and feel that the Aberfan disaster should be included in this site.

However, I have included a searchable page on Llywelyn the Great, and introduce you to Wales, its people, and the work they did, this will give you an idea of the Welsh way of life, but not added to these pages as a link.

This is a very sad story, and one that will upset a lot of people, so please don't read the pages if you suffer from a nervous disposition, its meant to be a tribute to the people of Aberfan.

I was born in Wales, not that far from Aberfan and still at school myself, I grew up among the coal mines and new how hard life was those days, however other than what I have read from the public domain, I wasn't there..


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